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Noun1.riot control - the measures taken to control a riotriot control - the measures taken to control a riot
control - the activity of managing or exerting control over something; "the control of the mob by the police was admirable"
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They reached the line of riot cops and turned left.
The Gypsies are investigating after riot cops had to break up scraps between rival fans late in the game - all initiated by a lone Bohs supporter.
During the protest, police were pelted with stones, bricks and bottles as demonstrators clashed with riot cops.
NAP TIME Rebels and riot cops, below, relaxing yesterday
Her terrifying 45-minute ordeal ended only when she jumped from her first-floor window into the arms of riot cops 16ft below.
An EDL protest in Leicester in February was policed by more than a thousand riot cops.
30pm: Dozens of police vans descend on New Street and banks of riot cops seal off four roads as running battles begin.
Work Title: Riot: A Behind-the-Barricades Tour of Mobs, Riot Cops,a nd the Chaos of Crowd Violence
And despite the aggression aimed at Boro fans, the riot cops were remarkably lax with the local hooligans.
When customers once again flocked to the megastore the following Tuesday morning, 250 riot cops were on hand to greet them.
Fears were raised before Riot Cops - the result of month-long filming from London-based Folio Productions - was made that it could reflect badly on Cardiff in the run-up to a decision on the 2008 Capital of Culture bid.