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1. Piled broken stones used as a foundation or to stabilize an easily eroded bank or slope.
2. An assemblage of such broken stones.
tr.v. rip·rapped, rip·rap·ping, rip·raps
1. To construct a riprap in or on.
2. To strengthen with a riprap.

[Reduplication of rap.]



1. a quantity of broken stone for foundations, revetments of embankments, etc.
2. a foundation or wall of stones thrown together irregularly.
[1570–80; gradational reduplication of rap1]
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The X55 Cross/Over Dump trailer is ideal for hauling materials such as rip rap, clay, demolition and a multitude of other materials that current bottom dumps cannot haul.
Submar's engineered systems are a dynamic state, combining time-tested articulated concrete mat technology and 'green' design applications, which offer customers a variety of erosion control solutions while protecting nature." Two products listed are UltraFlex[TM] Articulating Concrete Block Mats (alternatives to rip rap, gabions, structural concrete, grout mats and other durable hard-armor protection systems) and UltraLok[TM], described as hand-placed interlocking blocks for installation in areas where heavy equipment can't be used due to site constraints and access issues.
Its channel should be hardened with big rocks (rip rap), concrete, or some sort of matting that will allow the water to release without eroding away.
A range of attachments are available for fine grading, sloping, ditching, truck loading and unloading, spreading rip rap, trimming trees, and other functions.
They have installed many different solutions which include erosion-control blankets, terraces, drains, Rip Rap, and concretes mats.
A decision to stabilize the pipeline and shoreline with a combination of rock rip rap and concrete mats proved to be the most economical.