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adj. rip·er, rip·est
1. Fully developed; mature: ripe peaches.
2. Sufficiently advanced in preparation or aging to be used or eaten: ripe cheese.
3. Thoroughly matured, as by study or experience; seasoned: ripe judgment.
4. Advanced in years: the ripe age of 90.
5. Fully prepared to do or undergo something; ready: "By 1965 the republic was ripe for a coup" (Alex Shoumatoff).
6. Sufficiently advanced; opportune: The time is ripe for great societal changes.
7. Sensuous and full: ripe lips.
8. Coarse or indecent; vulgar: the comic's ripe language.
9. Emitting a foul odor: "the dirt and stench ... the mountains of ripe bushmeat in every camp" (Bryan Mealer).

[Middle English, from Old English rīpe.]

ripe′ly adv.
ripe′ness n.
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(Historical Terms) obsolete Scot a thief
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But while Ripa expected the drop-off to be emotional for her and husband Mark Consuelos, she was shocked to see how much it affected her younger two children, who are only 20 months apart.
Ripa, of Upper Villiers Street, Wolverhampton, admitted four fly-tipping offences at Wolverhampton Magistrates' Court on May 30.
Notices of gross misconduct have been served this week to seven Cleveland Police officers - five now retired - and one member of staff in relation to its RIPA probe.
It is reported that the "American Idol" host was even confronted by Ripa, who asked if he was departing the show.
In Kirklees, no RIPA authorisations have been granted during the last 12 months.
Garbed in yellow dress, Ripa and Seacrest greeted Gray happy birthday and congratulated her for winning the title as she made her way to the stage of the show.
I think it is fair to say that the majority of people who would be behind a real life RIPA are those who wouldn't be at the sharp end of its enforcement.
I'm speaking on behalf of all of us here," Ripa told Seacrest during Live on Thursday morning.
On September 1, 2011, the laboratory began using the FDA-licensed PRISM Chagas chemiluminescent immunoassay (Abbott Laboratories, Abbott Park, IL, USA) for donor screening, followed by a combination of RIPA and the Ortho EIA for supplemental testing.
For Ripa and DeGeneres, their collections offer an opportunity to share their aesthetics with an audience as large as that for their TV shows.
"But serious offences, which is what RIPA was introduced to cover, made up only about 6%."
Two sources close to the show told Variety that Ripa's email came after ABC executives--including WABC's Dave Davis, Rebecca Campbell of ABC's owned stations group and ABC news chief James Goldston--apologized for telling her about Strahan's "GMA" move just moments before announcing it publicly.