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Noun1.Riparia - a genus of HirundinidaeRiparia - a genus of Hirundinidae    
bird genus - a genus of birds
family Hirundinidae, Hirundinidae - swallows and martins
bank martin, bank swallow, Riparia riparia, sand martin - swallow of the northern hemisphere that nests in tunnels dug in clay or sand banks
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This complete ulna is much smaller than that in any species of Progne, Phaeoprogne, or Stelgidopteryx, and is larger than that in Neochelidon, Riparia, or Atticora.
Total quantity or scope: 120 1000 kN load-bearing pole pieces 180 / 160-1190 80 pieces Riparia stepping cylinder 130 / 80-650.
20); [4X: coastal plain, DE to VA northward] Isoetes riparia var.
The roots and rhizomes of Smilax riparia (SR), called "Niu-Wei-Cai" in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), are believed to be effective in treating gout symptoms.
This snob effect can also be thought of in an alternative sense, that consumers prefer grapes made from Vitis Vinifera, or traditional winemaking grapes, rather than grapes that have not been used for commercial winemaking until recent years, such as Vitis Labrusca, Vitis Aestivalis, Vitis Riparia, and other hybrid varieties produced at universities worldwide.
Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Kubitzki Congo, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe Ilea riparia Collett & Hemsl.
balteata is common yet seemingly relatively scarce on wild grape, Vitis riparia, which is integral part of the local native landscape.
They are taught by a lady naturalist named Riparia what can be done to clean and repair the riverbanks and restore clean river habitat.
Caduto and illustrator Olga Pastuchiv tell an inspiring tale about the nature of rivers and sources of pollution and how if "we do what Riparia says, we can help things grow back along the riverbank and make the water clean again.
By working with Vitis vinifera varieties, as well as French hybrids, and a Minnesota native grape based on the Vitis riparia species, they have produced vines that are cold hardy, disease resistant, with good productivity, and with practical dates for bud break and ripening.
Esta maior similaridade com o Municipio de Fenix se deve, provavelmente, pela area de estudo deste municipio ser a mais proxima do Recanto Marista, sendo tambem composta de mata riparia do rio Ivai.
The wild grape species Vitis riparia is unusual among wild grapes because it stops growing when the day length drops below 13 hours, which occurs in late August in upstate New York.