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n.1.A bough or branch; a twig.
As white as is the blossom upon the ris.
- Chaucer.
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Cake ris all to one side--no shape at all; no more than my shoe; go way
However, some of the approaches in this guideline are statistically underpowered such that uncertainties in the RIs may not be appreciated.
RIS is working with different corporate sector organizations in the country to bridge the gap between academic research and industry practices.
The RIS InkCenter[R] provides Costco members with an easy and convenient way to refill their ink cartridges - saving them money and saving the planet.
He says efforts among RIS vendors to raise MU awareness among radiologists have been successful.
RIS enhance the efficiency of inland navigation and facilitate the integration of transport modes through information exchange in the logistics chain management.
RIs are seen as beneficial in creating a forum for participants in neighbouring countries to discuss common issues encouraging a culture of cooperation and dialogue.
ERGEG is consulting on questions as to coordination of the RIs by ACER and the degree to which RIs should be part of ACER's strategy to progress market integration.
The focus of the conference is not to set out why one should purchase a PACS & RIS or which system to buy--the PACS & RIS vendors are best suited to do this and to explain their benefits and special features.
The portal ties RIS and PACS data together nicely by giving a snapshot of historical data for a specific patient, not just a single occurrence," Lee says.
0 also includes a new Universal NDIS2 driver that eliminates one of the most common problems with RIS limited support for network adapters.
The Swedish medical IT and telecommunications systems developer Sectra AB said today (14 March) that it had signed a partnership agreement with the US radiology information systems provider RIS Logic.