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'Isidore Baudoyer' anagrams into 'Ris d'aboyeur d'oie.'"
"Ris d'aboyeur d'oie!" [He has watched Dutocq carefully for some time.] "Did you think of that yourself?"
You have a meeting of the Council when the Chamber rises; moreover, your Excellency has to reply to-day to the opposition; this is really the only hour when you can receive him."
Cake ris all to one side--no shape at all; no more than my shoe; go way!"
Sugars is ris', my boy." Another would set a sum--"If a pound of mutton-candles cost sevenpence-halfpenny, how much must Dobbin cost?" and a roar would follow from all the circle of young knaves, usher and all, who rightly considered that the selling of goods by retail is a shameful and infamous practice, meriting the contempt and scorn of all real gentlemen.
ERGEG, set to become the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER), claims RIs are delivering results in better integrating Europe's national energy markets.
The focus of the conference is not to set out why one should purchase a PACS & RIS or which system to buy--the PACS & RIS vendors are best suited to do this and to explain their benefits and special features.
market, Fujifilm opened a sales partnership with Empiric in 2006 to combine SYNAPSE and Empiric's RIS product in a seamless-operational solution for sales expansion.
Release date- 27082019 - CIMIC Group companies CPB Contractors and UGL, along with their Unity Alliance partners, have reached contract award with the Queensland Government to deliver the Rail, Integration and Systems (RIS) package of the Cross River Rail project.
RIS stations also produce public affairs programs and listener call-in shows.