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(rēs′lĭng, rēz′-)
1. A variety of grape grown in cool areas, especially in Germany and the Pacific Northwest.
2. A dry to sweet, floral white wine made from this grape.

[German, from Middle High German, variant of rueszling : perhaps ruoz, soot (from Old High German, from Germanic *hrōtaz, of unknown origin) + -ling, noun suffix indicating possession of an attribute (the grape perhaps being called "sooty" because its fruit develops blackish spots when ripe).]
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(ˈriːzlɪŋ; ˈraɪz-)
1. (Brewing) a white wine from the Rhine valley in Germany and from certain districts in other countries
2. (Plants) the grape used to make this wine
[C19: from German, from earlier Rüssling, of obscure origin]
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(ˈriz lɪŋ, ˈris-)

1. a variety of white grape used in winemaking.
2. a fragrant white wine made from this grape.
[1825–35; < German, earlier rüssling (1490), of obscure orig.]
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Noun1.Riesling - white grape grown in Europe and California
Riesling - fragrant dry or sweet white wine from the Rhine valley or a similar wine from California
common grape vine, vinifera, vinifera grape, Vitis vinifera - common European grape cultivated in many varieties; chief source of Old World wine and table grapes
2.Riesling - fragrant dry or sweet white wine from the Rhine valley or a similar wine from California
hock, Rhenish, Rhine wine - any of several white wines from the Rhine River valley in Germany (`hock' is British usage)
Riesling - white grape grown in Europe and California
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n (= variety of white wine)Riesling m
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