River Styx

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Noun1.River Styx - (Greek mythology) a river in Hades across which Charon carried dead soulsRiver Styx - (Greek mythology) a river in Hades across which Charon carried dead souls
netherworld, Scheol, underworld, Hades, infernal region, Hell - (religion) the world of the dead; "No one goes to Hades with all his immense wealth"-Theognis
Greek mythology - the mythology of the ancient Greeks
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They do not mingle with the silver eddies of the Peneus, but flow on the top of them like oil; for the Titaresius is a branch of dread Orcus and of the river Styx.
The "waters" of the River Styx are a mass of decomposing bodies.
Rachmaninov's Isle of the Dead, opening a water-themed first half, brings to life the myth of Charon the ferryman as he carries the souls of the newly departed across the River Styx to the afterlife.
8*10: Youth hunt, turkey, Alachua County/Newnan's Lake and River Styx
The Ritzman Pharmacy locations in Rittman, Shreve, Sugarcreek, Wooster Milltown, Medina River Styx, Millersburg, Barberton, Wadsworth, Norton, Seville, Green, Wooster Downtown, Ashland, Orrville, Medina Forest Meadows, Dover, and Jackson will close and all pharmacy files will be transferred to nearby CVS Pharmacy stores.
UP head coach Bo Perasol did acknowledge that his team has to do better in playing in the dying minutes of games since that is usually the time when Manganti decides to ferry the Fighting Maroons' souls down the River Styx.
Arden Levine's poems have most recently appeared in The Offing, No Dear, Permafrost, River Styx, Spillway, and Little Patuxent Review, and have been featured by AGNI, The Missouri Review, Ted Kooser's American Life in Poetry, and NPR's Radiolab.
He is like the great Ferryman in a nonexistent River Styx. When he opens the door of the hotel to bring in a person, you feel he is the only human being who can do that.
The troubadour seems to be riding in a boat (maybe on the River Styx?) poled by his companion.
Putting in the river at the beginning of a solo trip feels like entering the river Styx. I know this will be an exciting adventure.
When Achilles mother Thetis dipped him into the river Styx to make him immortal she unwittingly also made him vulnerable at the heels from where she held him.
They're standing there on the far bank of the river Styx, waiting for me.