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Noun1.River Trent - a river in central England that flows generally northeastward to join with the Ouse River and form the HumberRiver Trent - a river in central England that flows generally northeastward to join with the Ouse River and form the Humber
England - a division of the United Kingdom
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Emergency crews rushed to the River Trent in Nottingham yesterday.
More than 30 crews from across the East Midlands are expected to join Rain Boat to battle it out over the 200m race course on the River Trent at Victoria Embankment.
Land along the banks of the River Trent will become a large riverside park under the plans.
The University of Birmingham clock tower as viewed through the back of one of the new benches in the new "Green Heart" of the campus, by Damien Walmsley These goosanders are literally running down the River Trent as they are flightless after moulting.
An inquest into his death heard he had gone down to the River Trent in Beeston, Nottingham, with four friends.
The naked man, who had his hands tied behind his back, was found near the River Trent in Burton-upon-Trent in March 1971.
Award Category: Heritage FERRY Bridge is a Grade II listed, three-span wrought iron suspension footbridge across the River Trent. Built in 1889 to replace the existing ferry boat service, it was originally gifted to the town by the brewer Michael Bass.
Susworth Pumping Station discharges into the River Trent and uses the submersible pumps to transfer surface water runoff.
Eventually Richard, with great efficiency, ruled an area from north of the river Trent to Carlisle and Durham.
Buildings have been flooded after the River Trent burst its banks following what clerk of the course Roderick Duncan described as "24 hours of non-stop rain".
Among the topics discussed are assessing the hydrological effects of forest plantations in Brazil, understanding and managing climate change effects on river ecosystems, taxonomic distinctness as a measure of diversity in stream insects exposed to varying salinity levels in southeastern Australia, the unnatural history of the River Trent in England and 50 years of ecological recovery, and integrating habitat conservation with amenity and recreational uses along an urban stretch of the Adige River in northern Italy.