River crab

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(Zool.) any species of fresh-water crabs of the genus Thelphusa, as Thelphusa depressa of Southern Europe.

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For NJ tree construction, 9 sequences were randomly chosen from all 89 Rhode River specimens, in addition to the reference blue crab that was sampled from the Mississippi area and one outlier Rhode River crab RR0382.
Krabby is a River Crab that can evolve into Kingler, a pincer.
The common crab in the river was identified as the Single-spined River Crab, formerly known only from South Africa, Zimbabwe and Namibia.
The title translates to "river crab," and it features thousands of porcelain crabs made in China's historic ceramic center, Jingdezhen, arranged in one corner of the museum.
Enjoy traditional cuisine such as sliced beef tenderloin, star fruit and Go Cong style river crab.
Harry Monzon interprets the well-loved children's song 'Pakitong-kitong' as a journey on a fishing boat to catch river crabs in the lush mangrove forests of Cebu.
You may spot it accidentally and no matter when it surprises you, you must be prepared.You also have photos of river crabs.
Nearby, young boys play a game of cards, as others swim in a canal and try to catch river crabs to kill time.
Silver, bighead, black, grass, common and crucian carp predominate, but you'll find alongside them bream, Reeve's shad, eel, toad catfish, whitebait, mullet, perch, tilapia, roach, rainbow trout, silver salmon, paddle fish, pike and sturgeon, along with freshwater shrimp, river crabs, mussels, clams, snails and edible aquatic plants like lotus and water chestnuts.