River god

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a deity supposed to preside over a river as its tutelary divinity.

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Doug had to learn how to act like a god, an elemental river god, with a sexual element that gives what we have even more complexity.
The story is rounded off with an unexpected conclusion wrought by a revengeful river god.
She has spent her life on the water, waiting for the river god to speak to her, but he has not.
The impressive River God Tyne bronze sculpture by David Wynne, which is located on an exterior wall adjacent to the Council Chamber, used to act as a fountain with water running from its raised right arm.
The closest analogy that rushes to my mind is that of the Greek Mythological figure Narcissus, the most beautiful son of River God Cephisus who as the tale goes 'once drew near the waters of the river Styx to drink water but was bowled over by the beauty of his own reflection fell in love with it and unable to clasp his beloved object, died exhausted at the banks of the river itself'.
The statue of the river god Ilissos has been lent to the State Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg for an exhibition until mid-January.
The statue of the river god Ilissos has been lent to the renowned Russian museum for an exhibition until mid-January.
In an epigraph the composer noted, "The River God laughs at the water, which tickles.
He has just penned Desert God, the sequel to River God, published 20 years ago, which continues his Egyptian Series with the return of Taita, a freed eunuch slave in ancient egypt, who leads the battle against southern Egypt's enemy.
The story is set in Central Africa, along the Zambezi River, and is about the BaTonga people, who worship the River God, Nyaminyami.
Some even claim sightings of mermaids, or possibly Zambezi sharks, and maybe even the revered river god NyamiNyami himself took up residence when man besmirched his sacred Kariwa Gorge?
It is set in ancient Egypt and will feature my Taita character ( who was first introduced in the 1993 book River God )," he adds.