River snail

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(Zool.) any species of fresh-water gastropods of Paludina, Melontho, and allied genera. See Pond snail, under Pond.

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This ornate river snail was listed as endangered in 1991 after it disappeared from 98 percent of its range.
Jeff Garner, the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources' mollusk biologist, rediscovered the cobble elimia and the nodulose Coosa River snail on a dive in the Coosa River.
Note: The river snail, inhabiting ponds and rice fields, is considered unpleasant and foul.
This also included Viviparus river snails (Viviparidae) which were reported in the Amur River basin (Nico et al., 2005).
The traditional form of salad popularly known as 'Singjui' and smoke pork blend with fermented soya bean and river snails are some of the most sought after dishes from the menu lists.
It's believed that the man's daily diet of river snails was the root of his ailment.
At the fine dining end of the spectrum sits Raffles's Lobster Amok (sweet, creamy curry baked in a coconut shell), while at the other end are street snacks served from a muddle of tuk-tuks hawking everything from sour green mango slices sprinkled with salt, sugar and chilli to cones of steamed river snails or deep-fried insects.
These beautiful animals spend more time in the water than almost any other lizard species, and have a unique diet consisting primarily of hard-shelled river snails, clams, and crawfish.