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 (rĭ-vĕr′ə, rē-vĕ′rä), Diego 1886-1957.
Mexican painter noted for his murals that exalt workers in a style derived from Mexican folk art.


(Spanish riˈβera)
(Biography) Diego (ˈdjeɣo). 1886–1957, Mexican painter, noted for his monumental murals in public buildings, which are influenced by Aztec art and depict revolutionary themes


(rɪˈvɛər ə)

Diego, 1886–1957, Mexican painter.
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Noun1.Rivera - socialist Mexican painter of murals (1886-1957)Rivera - socialist Mexican painter of murals (1886-1957)
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He announced that he was Felipe Rivera, and that it was his wish to work for the Revolution.
The request was denied, and Rivera never spoke of it again.
Once, the first time, when the rent of the house was two months behind and the landlord was threatening dispossession, it was Felipe Rivera, the scrub-boy in the poor, cheap clothes, worn and threadbare, who laid sixty dollars in gold on May Sethby's desk.
Then it was that Rivera put on his hat and went out.
And Felipe Rivera, the scrubber for the Revolution, continued, as occasion arose, to lay down gold and silver for the Junta's use.
Yet Vera it was who persuaded the others to give the first trust to Rivera.
Young Rivera was given his instructions and dispatched south.
Makati police considered the killing of 18-year-old John Ernest Rivera already closed after all the five suspects, including three minors, were rounded up two days after the gang-related attack.
CORYN RIVERA could hardly have set the bar much higher for herself during her opening season at Sunweb, but the American is determined to approach her sophomore year on the team in much the same frame of mind that carried her to victory at the Tour of Flanders, Trofeo Alfredo Binda and RideLondon Classique in 2017.
Diego Rivera (1886-1957) es uno de los iconos universales mas importantes del siglo XX.
Rivera didn't join her ex-husband and Josey in their Christmas celebrations.
2) Desde su natal Lagos, donde residia desde finales de la guerra de Intervencion, el doctor Agustin Rivera y Sanroman (1824-1916), longevo clerigo, abogado, historiador, y sobre todo activo publicista en sus anos de madurez y vejez, constituye un ejemplo particularmente ilustrativo de esos esfuerzos.