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 (rĭv′ə-rīn′, -rēn′)
1. Relating to or resembling a river.
a. Located on or inhabiting the banks of a river; riparian: a riverine settlement.
b. Relating to a system of inland wetlands and deep-water habitats associated with nontidal flowing water, characterized by the absence of trees, shrubs, or emergent vegetation.
3. Operating on or equipped to operate on rivers: riverine units of the Marine Corps.


1. (Environmental Science) of, like, relating to, or produced by a river
2. (Environmental Science) located or dwelling near a river; riparian


(ˈrɪv əˌraɪn, -ˌrin, -ər ɪn)

1. of or pertaining to a river.
2. situated or dwelling beside a river.


[ˈrɪvəraɪn] ADJfluvial, ribereño


adj (form: = of river) → Fluss-; (= like river)flussartig; peopleam Fluss wohnend; riverine estuaryFlussmündung f
References in classic literature ?
Indian legends would alone have been my guide, for I found that rumors of a strange land were common among all the riverine tribes.
(53.) Grace Jean, "Riverines Eyeing Future Missions around the Globe," National Defense, April 1, 2007, available at www .nationaldefensemagazine.org/.
Despite a long history, riverine operations have received only scant attention from the academic community and military analysts.
Riverines' historical and evolving, modern platform is unique for Sailors, requiring skills and knowledge across the board, from seamanship, boat handling, weapons deployment and advanced systems use, to name a few."
One way in which the Navy's deployment of security forces has shifted is the use of its riverine patrol teams.
The three-day exercise is testing the riverines' acquired skills through a number of scenarios brought to life through Arabic-speaking actors, pyrotechnics and other special effects provided by Strategic Operations Inc., which was founded by a former Hollywood television and movie director.
The riverines manning the boats don't make a sound, but are on alert as the team on the ground tends to the wounded and subsequently discovers an improvised explosive device and bomb-making equipment inside the shack.
Potential hotspots for the riverines are countries in the Gulf of Guinea and South America, among other regions.
Along the way, it has established new units, such as the riverines, which deployed to Iraq last month, and civil affairs teams, which are training for future deployment.
"It was apparent to all of us that the way the war on terrorism was progressing made it necessary for riverines again," said Leverette.
The Navy Expeditionary Combat Command (NECC) officially established Riverine Squadron (RIVRON) 2 in a recent ceremony at Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek, Va.
Balk said the riverines will get 12 additional SURCs in the next few years because the Marine boat program was "terminated before all craft were bought," he said.

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