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Noun1.Rivina - small genus of erect perennial shrubby herbs; tropical and subtropical America
caryophylloid dicot genus - genus of relatively early dicotyledonous plants including mostly flowers
family Phytolaccaceae, Phytolaccaceae, pokeweed family - chiefly tropical herbaceous plants (including shrubs and trees) with racemose flowers: genera Phytolacca, Agdestis, Ercilla, Rivina, Trichostigma
blood berry, bloodberry, Rivina humilis, rouge plant, rougeberry - bushy houseplant having white to pale pink flowers followed by racemes of scarlet berries; tropical Americas
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& Schult., Psychotria horizontalis Sw., Rivina humilis L., Staphylea occidentalis Sw., and Tournefortia glabra L.], and this would correlate strongly and sadly with a well-documented reduction of avifauna in this region during the last 50 years (1968-2018: Stiles, 1990; Biamonte et al., 2011).
An aqueous extract of Rivina humilis fruits (2500 and 5000 mg/kg p.o.) administered daily for 35 days showed no changes in the hematological profile or in the relative organ weight, whereas the same extract administered daily for 90 days at 0.5-2 g/100 g in a powdered diet did not affect hematological parameters, biochemical determinations, or the levels of hepatic enzymes [132].
Finally, at the herbaceous layer, Rivina humilis and Siphonoglossa canbyi are the species with the highest relative frequency (25.00%) while none of the other species exceeds 16.67%.
Ownbey [White Prickly-poppy] Phytolaccaceae Rivina humilis L.
-- 1 IV Senna atomaria -- 1 IV Zanthoxylum fagara -- 1 IV Herbaceous layer Desmodium incanum -- 1 V Zapoteca gracilis -- 1 V Scleria lithosperma -- 1 V Commelina elegans -- 1 V Lasiacis divaricata -- 1 IV Selenicereus grandifloras -- 1 IV Rivina humilis -- 1 IV Oeceoclades maculata -- 1 IV Agave sp.
(2013a and 2013b) also reported the similar results while working with the antimicrobial and antioxidant activities of Rivina humilis L.
Two forbs, giant ragweed (Ambrosia trifida variety texana) and pigeonberry (Rivina humilis), also were relatively common and generally more abundant than other forbs such as frostweed (Verbesina virginica) and hedge-parsley (Torilis arvensis).
The initial stages of speech development are known to proceed under enhanced control and with the direct participation of the right hemisphere (Rivina & Levontina, 2001; Fishman, 2001).
* JAMAICA: 135 species, e.g., Cyperus elegans, Piper aduncum, Piper amalago, Rivina humilis, Sapindus saponaria, Tragia volubilis, Passiflora rubra, Theobroma cacao, Conocarpus erectus, Plumeria rubra, Plumeria alba, Cestrum nocturnum, Melothria pendula, Cucumis anguria.
Also several herbs grow on this kind of vegetation, such as Rivina humilis (Phytolaccaceae), and climbing plants, including Dioscorea militaris (Dioscoreaceae) and Passiflorasuberosa (Passifloraceae).