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(ˈrɪtsɪəʊ) or


(Biography) David. ?1533–66, Italian musician and courtier who became the secretary and favourite of Mary, Queen of Scots. He was murdered at the instigation of a group of nobles, including Mary's husband, Darnley


(ˈrɪt siˌoʊ, ˈrit-)

David, 1533?–66, Italian musician: private foreign secretary to Mary, Queen of Scots 1564–66.
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En la novela de Pelliza es la llegada de Luis Rizzio (luego llamado Saavedra)--un inmigrante italiano descrito con todos los rasgos de la villania: lujuria, deshonestidad, avaricia, violencia--quien rompe el equilibrio inicial de felicidad campestre; en Larrosa la fuente que inyecta la mala moral en la vida feliz del campo son las novelas extranjeras que lee Rosalia.
I remember, as a child, visiting Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh and standing over the (presumably re-touched) bloodstain where David Rizzio was murdered by Lord Darnley, and being forcibly struck by the reality of standing on the same spot - the very same boards - where the killing had taken place.
CREDITS: A Lionsgate release of a Lionsgate, Palmstar Media Capital, Kevin Frakes presentation, PRODUCED BY Anthony Bregman, Kevin Frakes, Raj Brinder Singh, David Alpert, Britton Rizzio.
Ken Rizzio, of Lakeshore Advantage, says Continental Dairy and fairlife, are two business owners on the Continental Dairy Facilities property that have invested over $375 million in the two businesses in the last 5 years.
Soon after she has to explain yet another of Mary's affairs, this time with Rizzio, for "He was her greatest favourite / Him she caresed with all her might" (138).
Valentine's Day, Sir Walter Scott includes an account of the murder of David Rizzio, Queen Mary's favorite.
Ofendido porque ella se oponia a sus aspiraciones monarquicas, lord Darnley asesino a David Rizzio, un musico italiano que era el mejor amigo de la reina.
uk), where Mary Queen of Scots saw her secretary Rizzio murdered by her jealous second husband Lord Darnley, You can also visit Mary King Close (www.
When Mary Queen of Scots was pregnant with James, her husband, Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley, caught a clever Italian musician, singer, and courtier, Davide Rizzio, half dressed, in her bedroom closet and, soon after, murdered Rizzio in Mary's presence in her apartments (just as Polonius is murdered in Gertrude's, as Winstanley points out).
It was here that Mary, Queen of Scots lived from 1561 until 1567 and it was in her private apartments that her secretary David Rizzio was murdered by a group led by her husband Lord Darnley.