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Noun1.road roller - vehicle equipped with heavy wide smooth rollers for compacting roads and pavementsroad roller - vehicle equipped with heavy wide smooth rollers for compacting roads and pavements
vehicle - a conveyance that transports people or objects
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In particular, a recycler and various types of road rollers, as well as spare parts for them, will be supplied to Uzbekistan," the Japanese embassy in Uzbekistan said.
Road rollers crushed 20 high-end vehicles worth at least P61.6 million, which included brands and models like Lexus, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi, Jaguar, and Corvette Stingray.
The gang went after vehicles worth up to PS70,000 including JCBs, road rollers, excavators, diggers, an excavator, a telehandler, a fork lift and a dumper truck.
JCB Vibromax was a manufacturer of road rollers and soil compactors in Germany.
Vehicles registered include vintage buses, traction engines, road rollers, tractors and motorcycles.
Nomura has increased the target price of Lonking Holdings (3339.HK), a company that manufactures and distributes wheel loaders, road rollers, excavators, fork lifts, and other infrastructure machinery.
Consul General Candace Putnam presented the equipment to FATA Additional Chief Secretary Habibullah Khan, including 25 road rollers, 15 stone crushers, 15 asphalt mixers, 16 air compressors and 16 jack hammers.
Three road rollers, two pay loaders and a water tanker were among the vehicles set ablaze by the Maoists.
His parting shot to me was that he would have one of the small walk-behind diesel road rollers dropped off for me to smooth and firm the surface.
The drives power conveyors, cranes, crawlers, excavators, road rollers, track vehicles and winches have ratios on the units from 3.27 to 117.1.
The products include household goods such as spoons, forks, cake server, fans, freezers and refrigerators, and heavy equipment such as forklifts, bulldozers road rollers and excavators.