Roaring boy

a roaring, noisy fellow; - name given, at the latter end Queen Elizabeth's reign, to the riotous fellows who raised disturbances in the street.

See also: Roar

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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TERRI HOOLEY HOLDS COURT Would 6 Music understand the pure Belfast nature of Terri Hooley - roaring boy, chancer, poet and babbling legend?
They interest him because they were witty; they were not modeled on such a cavalier as Prince Rupert, who was physically very strong, a serious soldier and perhaps a "roaring boy" or a cheerful breaker of the peace and windows.
Settle for these three archetypes of our present epoch: Roaring Boy #1 is skinny and pure as the bitter white heel of a petal....
He said, ``I thought Hemingway was more of a roaring boy, who would go out and shoot and meet women, and get drunk, whereas Anthony Hopkins I think was more of a `let's do the work, then I'll sit in the corner and get slowly and morosely drunk'.
Dylan Thomas, roaring boy from Wales, archetypal madman-poet, is staying in the Hotel Chelsea while on yet another lecture tour of America.
The important difference between what Moll does as a roaring girl and the behaviour of the roaring boys of the period is that Moll aggressively defends her own agency, which shows her to be a well-adjusted member of society (even though her dress and demeanour undoubtedly exist outside of societal norms).
THERE was a hint of Scottish ancestry in the name of this chap, who became a prince among those roaring boys unleashed from the war to stomp, blow melodies, kiss and drink in the cellars of a free land.
"All around," Kermode comments, "were cardsharps and dicers, con men and money-lenders, roaring boys and roaring girls." Shakespeare's fellow dramatist Christopher Marlowe, who may have been a government spy and closet atheist, was stabbed to death in a nearby tavern.
Gaff owns a record and publishing company and named Roaring Riva, a 15,000gns yearling, after his band the Roaring Boys.
For the Ukraine match, let us find 11 lads who are still looking forward to their first Ferrari, roaring boys who still play the game with love and joy, young men who know how lucky they are.
He was one of the great roaring boys of the music business.