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Noun1.Robert Graves - English writer known for his interest in mythology and in the classics (1895-1985)
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A second tour in September will look at Welsh poet Lynette Roberts, who was praised by TS Eliot and Robert Graves. Running for the Hills with Horatio Clare is this Saturday.
While the television dramatisation of Robert Graves's I Claudius in the 1970s dealt with similar matters, they weren't shown on screen.
She became a friend of the poet and novelist Robert Graves and helped him to research his best-selling historical novel, I Claudius.
As a young man Johnson had written of a mysterious encounter with a living manifestation of Robert Graves' White Goddess, and,in his later life,he believed someone might be stalking him.
Along with Griffith, there were the poets Siegfried Sassoon, David Jones and Robert Graves - who would write in A Dead Boche:
Novelist JG Ballard, James Bond leading lady Honor Blackman, novelist GrahamGreene, artist DavidHockney, writer John le Carre, poet Robert Graves,author Aldous Huxley and writer and journalist Evelyn Waugh arealsoamong the 300 people named.
But in buying my paperback copy of Robert Graves's The White Goddess I didn't only get an astonishing compilation of myth, anagram, tree-lore and poetic speculation.
BERYL Graves was the second, steadfast wife of poet Robert Graves.
Shropshire Community Health NHS Trust estates chief Robert Graves says other renovations at the Dawley site have "upgraded the acoustic performance of partitions and doors", leading to "higher standards of privacy and dignity".
| 1895 Robert Graves, English poet, novelist and critic, was born.
1895: Robert Graves - the English poet, novelist and critic - was born.
A Richard Graves B Robert Graves C Peter Graves D Marshall Graves 10.