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Noun1.Robert Joffrey - United States choreographer (1930-1988)
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"We celebrate Robert Joffrey's commitment to storytelling -- to reimagining and retelling the classics.
JACKSON, MS & NEW YORK CITY This year has been a time to commemorate year has been a time to commemorate Robert Joffrey and Gerald Arpino's huge contributions to American dance, as 2018 marks the 30th and 10th anniversaries of their deaths, respectively.
"Robert Joffrey was the first jury chairman of the IBC," Nicholas says.
Her unwavering focus on impeccable technique and artistry reflects her own training with master teachers that include Robert Joffrey, Alexandra Danilova, Anatole Vilzak, Alexander Minz, Natasha Krassovska, Soili Arvola, Eric Bruhn, Meredith Baylis and David Howard.
Dancer and choreographer Robert Joffrey headed the international panel of jurors that year, helping establish the competition's credibility.
Robert Joffrey, renowned artistic director of the Joffrey Ballet, agreed to chair the first international panel of jurors.
Arpino, a dancer and choreographer when he established the troupe in 1956 with its namesake, the late Robert Joffrey, died after a prolonged illness.
Corbin says that before Robert Joffrey fell ill with AIDS, Joffrey met with the company every week, advising them to widen their artistic knowledge.
Behind this quite extraordinary achievement was Robert Joffrey, the son of an Afghan khan who immigrated to the United States, opened a chili parlor in Seattle and married his cashier, an amateur violinist from Italy.
Founded in 1956 by visionary teacher Robert Joffrey and guided by celebrated choreographer Gerald Arpino from 1988 until 2007, The Joffrey Ballet continues to thrive under The Mary B.
Since joining the company in 2013, she's danced the lead in Krzysztof Pastor's Romeo & Juliet and the Sugar Plum Fairy in Robert Joffrey's Nutcracker.
It suffered when founder Robert Joffrey died, and the company had to compete with others for space at the Chandler, a problem now alleviated with the opening of Disney Hall.