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Noun1.Robert Andrews Millikan - United States physicist who isolated the electron and measured its charge (1868-1953)Robert Andrews Millikan - United States physicist who isolated the electron and measured its charge (1868-1953)
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The nominees who did not make the top 10 were Marvin Camras, a pioneer in audio recording; aviation pioneer Octave Chanute; nuclear physicist Arthur Compton; code expert William Friedman; astronomer George Hale; mathematician Olive Hazlett; cancer researcher Charles Huggins; physicist Robert Millikan; chemist Lewis Sarett; and Clyde Tombaugh, the astronomer who discovered Pluto.
Para mayor evidencia, al dirigirse a Robert Millikan, Premio Nobel de Fisica de 1923, Shapley no tuvo ningun empacho en aclararle que esa particular seleccion podria sorprenderlo en algunos aspectos, pero que existieron razones de peso detras de cada eleccion, como por ejemplo, Briggs, del Gobierno, Hess, el catolico, Franck, el exilio judio, Chandrasekhar, el hindu, y asi sucesivamente (Shapley, 1943b).
The quantitative value of the negative charge of an electron [e.sub.0] = 1.602 x [10.sup.-19] K is a global constant has been determined empirically with a surprisingly high degree of accuracy (with measurement errors of up to 1%) in 1917 by outstanding American experimental physicist Robert Millikan (1868-1953) [2].
A explicacao para o fenomeno so foi aceita no ano de 1916, com os trabalhos realizados por Robert Millikan, que se destacou como fisico experimental e pela qualidade dos seus resultados em comparacao aos fisicos anteriores.
The renowned oil drop experiment, performed by Robert Millikan in 1909, was designed precisely to investigate the total electric charge on a single drop of oil in order to ascertain the fundamental charge of the electron (Millikan 1911) as discussed in many modern physics courses (Thornton et al.
He completed his fourth year at Robert Millikan High School in Long Beach, California, where his poem, Golden Gate Bridge, won the overall poetry first prize.
Curie, Einstein, the physicist Robert Millikan, and the historian Gilbert Murray were among the members of the small committee at its founding.
He received the IHMA's Lifetime Achievement Award, held the Robert Millikan Medal from the American Association of Physics Teachers and the Saxby Medal of the Royal Photographic Society.
Robert Millikan, the visionary founding president of Caltech, once boasted that the region surrounding his school was the "westernmost outpost of Nordic civilization." Yet Millikan packed his faculty with top-shelf Jews, drawing in such Semitic talent as Theodore von Karman, Paul Epstein, and Einstein.