Robert Nesta Marley

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Noun1.Robert Nesta Marley - Jamaican singer who popularized reggae (1945-1981)Robert Nesta Marley - Jamaican singer who popularized reggae (1945-1981)
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"Just because you're happy it doesn't mean that the day is perfect but that you've looked beyond its imperfections"- Robert Nesta Marley Bob Marley (6th February 1945-11th May 1981"Muranga Patriot tweeted
DJ Moh, who is known for his tagline "The Ruffest and Tuffest", will be performing alongside top Jamaican dancehall artiste Romain Virgo at the Qatar Reggae Festival, an event aimed to celebrate the birthday of Reggae music legend Robert Nesta Marley popularly referred to as Bob Marley.
Thank you Robert Nesta Marley of Trenchtown for everything.
No, The Honourable Robert Nesta Marley lives on through his music, so while he is not here in the physical sense, his message lives on and has grown stronger every day since his physical passing.