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Noun1.Robert Orr - Canadian hockey player (born 1948)
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Robert Orr owns Heights Farm in Buchlyvie and he claims that work carried out by Stirling Council on Heights Road, an access road to his property, has left vehicles, including lorries carrying deliveries unable to reach him.
The new Robert Orr Small Ruminants Facility will house 400 or more ewes and up to 60 goats, with group and single pen facilities for feeding and behavioural research trials, including 24 automatic feeding pens.
Applicant Robert Orr wants to develop the Cymbal Court site, which used to house the former Nip Inn pub.
de Alba will work closely with Robert Orr, Special Adviser to the Secretary-General on Climate Change; Peter Thomson, Special Envoy of the Secretary-General for the Ocean; Michael Bloomberg, Special Envoy of the Secretary-General for Climate Action; and other senior officials across the United Nations system.
"Over the past 12 years P&J Training have provided our apprenticeship training," said Robert Orr from Howden Compressors.
Balvindar Mann grimaced as he was shown photos of Robert Orr who died after becoming seriously ill atWishaw's Kirknowe private nursing home.
* Robert Orr, Head of Cyber Security & Information Assurance Regulation - Office for Nuclear Regulation
Robert Orr. Sappenfield developed an interest in his subject as a junior draftsman in high school and as a draftsman and plant manager as an architecture major at NCSU.
Assistant Secretary-General Robert Orr said in a call with reporters.
Philippine Stock Exchange chair Jose Pardo and US Ambassador to the Asian Development Bank Robert Orr, among others.
"We really believe strongly in community newspapers, especially the good ones, and we think this is a good one," Sandton's Robert Orr told the paper's staff shortly after the auction was approved by the Richmond, Va.-based bankruptcy judge.
Robert Orr, who wrote the book Aboard Queen Mary II: A Purser's Life on the Glasgow Boat after working on her for seven years, said: "I was very strongly against the sale of the propeller.