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Noun1.Robert Peel - British politician (1788-1850)Robert Peel - British politician (1788-1850)  
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Among the guests were serving and retired police officers from Tamworth, West Midlands and Staffordshire, along with Robin Thorne, a great great grandson of Sir Robert Peel.
1850: Sir Robert Peel, Tory prime minister (twice) and founder of the police force, died in London after a riding accident.
| This feature includes information from Norman Gash's magnificent twovolume life of Sir Robert Peel - Mr Secretary Peel (1961) and Sir Robert Peel (1972) - the standard work on the great statesman.
ON the bright Saturday morning of June 29, 1850, Sir Robert Peel arose from his bed after a short night's sleep and prepared to attend an important meeting scheduled for 11am.
Rachel Moran ROBERT Peel never created the police force to protect the poor or working class, their purpose was always to protect the wealthy.
Marlott is assigned to work within the offices of Bow Street by Sir Robert Peel, to investigate who is responsible.
The mobile breast screening unit that comes toSir Robert Peel Hospitalevery three years will not be accommodated at the hospital this year due to ongoing building work.
She's just one of several true-life figures who pop up, like poet William Blake (Steven Berkoff) and Sir Robert Peel (Tom Ward from Silent Witness).
IN the 1820s, the Home Secretary Robert Peel started inspecting prisons on humanitarian grounds and, amongst other things, stopped the practice of women prisoners being guarded by male gaolers.
"The bolder option would to follow in the footsteps of the great Conservative reformers of the past like Robert Peel and Disraeli.