Robinson Crusoe

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Robinson Cru·soe

The hero of Daniel Defoe's novel Robinson Crusoe of 1719, a shipwrecked English sailor who, by virtue of his own ingenuity, survives for years on a small tropical island.

Robinson Crusoe

(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) the hero of Daniel Defoe's novel Robinson Crusoe (1719), who survived being shipwrecked on a desert island

Rob′inson Cru′soe

(ˈkru soʊ)
the hero of Daniel Defoe's novel Robinson Crusoe (1719), a mariner who is shipwrecked and lives adventurously for years on a small island.
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Noun1.Robinson Crusoe - the hero of Daniel Defoe's novel about a shipwrecked English sailor who survives on a small tropical islandRobinson Crusoe - the hero of Daniel Defoe's novel about a shipwrecked English sailor who survives on a small tropical island
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This is how on this occasion, they transferred 60 people who needed to return to Robinson Crusoe Island, so the barge will carry out an operational landing in Juan Fernndez and then continue to Rapa Nui.
Robinson Crusoe Island lies off the coast of which South American country?
Robinson Crusoe Island off the coast of Chile, has unique wildlife and a fragile ecosystem threatened by plastics and industrial fishing (AFP / MANILA BULLETIN)
Benthic samples were collected in various locations around the Robinson Crusoe Island (33[degrees]37'S, 78[degrees]51'W) (Fig.
ABSTRACT This study identified and quantified in the field the natural predators of juvenile spiny lobster Jasus frontalis, an endemic, ecologically relevant species, and the most valuable local commercial catch of Robinson Crusoe Island. It also assessed the predation pressure that these predators exerted on juveniles lobsters and whether they showed preferences for particular body sizes within the juvenile size range.
The objective of this study is to estimate the genetic component and degree of miscegenation of the population of Robinson Crusoe Island, using dental morphological markers.
Robinson Crusoe Island The largest island of the Chilean Juan Fernndez Archipelago, Robinson Crusoe Island is 419 miles west of South America in the South Pacific Ocean.
Juan Fernandez now bears the name Robinson Crusoe Island, and Alejandro Selkirk Island designates a lesser island in the archipelago, in an interesting example of life imitating art imitating life.
According to the family's online blog, their latest travels began in March 2007 in Ipswich and have taken in Santander, Cape St Vincent, Salvador, Buenos Aires, Robinson Crusoe Island, Cape Horn, and recently South Georgia, before disaster struck.
Edward, 41, bought the 45-acre Robinson Crusoe island in 2005 for pounds 2.5million and plans to erect a six-bedroom flatpack house made of cedar logs.
Meanwhile, it has emerged that a 12-year-old girl saved hundreds of lives on Chile's Robinson Crusoe Island.