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He was Des Roches le Masle, canon of Notre Dame, who had formerly been valet of a bishop, who introduced him to his Eminence as a perfectly devout man.
Sir Boyle Roche, for example, who held that a man cannot be in two
To begin with, he was very proud of him and pleased to foresee a glorious career for his junior in the navy in which one of their ancestors, the famous Chagny de La Roche, had held the rank of admiral.
The young man with whom Rabourdin was talking was a poor supernumerary named Sebastien de la Roche, who had picked his way on the points of his toes, without incurring the least splash upon his boots, from the rue du Roi-Dore in the Marais.
In the minds of Madame de la Roche and her son, Rabourdin was at once a great man, a tyrant, and an angel.
What would the gentles Sir Nicholas Boarhunte, or Sir Bernard Brocas, of Roche Court, say if they saw such a thing--or, perhaps, even the King's own Majesty himself, who often has ridden past this way, and who loves his falcons as he loves his sons?
He procured from Amsterdam three emeralds of extraordinary size and richness of colour, and had a turquoise de la vieille roche that was the envy of all the connoisseurs.
In the provincial city of Poitiers, however, a bourgeois salon run by a mother-daughter pair, Madeleine and Catherine Des Roches, produced an anthology of poems and prose by various hands that was published for the first time in Paris in 1582, again in 1583, and a third time in 1610, this time in the collected early works of one of its contributors, the humanist lawyer Etienne Pasquier.

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