Rock builder

(Zool.) any species of animal whose remains contribute to the formation of rocks, especially the corals and Foraminifera.

See also: Rock

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Controversy has quietly simmered over the wooded land for more than 21 years, long before the Little Rock builder entered the ownership picture in a $1.4 million transaction in January.
George Peters, a Little Rock builder and owner of Martin McDaniel Realty, charged DeHaven with "blatant misrepresentation" and "promising anything to sell a lot."
Developed by Shelter Rock Builders, the project will create 30 new homes for moderate-income and low-income New Yorkers.
"Solar only makes sense in an energy-efficient environment, so the primary responsibility is the building envelope," said Wingfield, CEO of River Rock Builders, one of a few local contractors who routinely install renewable power features into new homes.
Nearly half of the 36 units at Shelter Rock Builders' new condominium have been scooped up, six months after hitting the market.
ROCK BUILDERS New single family dwelling with detached carport.
"We thought that was going to be a neat way to work," Keith Wingfield said of the early days of River Rock Builders. The couple built a new house for themselves in the late 1990s with a spacious home office and separate entry, but it didn't work out.
"I congratulate MHANY, Bronx Pro, East Brooklyn Congregations, Lemor Realty and Iris Development, JMR and Alembic Community Development, Fifth Avenue Committee and Habitat for Humanity, and Shelter Rock Builders on their designation and thank them for their commitment to developing quality affordable housing that will strengthen our neighborhoods."
Jeremiah and Emily Wood acquired the house from River Rock Builders LLC, led by Keith Wingfield.
Shelter Rock Builders' luxury three-story condominium building, Plaza 21, in Astoria, has completely sold out 24 months after launching on the market.
Devers started his business, Rock Builders, in 1992.