Rock seal

(Zool.) the harbor seal. See Seal.

See also: Rock

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The contractor must extend an existing culvert so that the new rock seal does not compromise the equalization of the water mirror between dybs and flads in connection with storm and surge.
Since they were formed in 1996 they've performed more than 400 gigs, toured Ireland and Holland and had the rock seal of approval from Led Zeppelin's own guitarist Jimmy page.
250 Tons of FA-2 Class A seal coat aggregate to be screened 2,232 Tons of installed FA-2 Class A seal coat aggregate (furnished by City) 557 Tons of installed 1/8" trail chip seal coat aggregate (furnished by City) 534 Tons of furnished & installed 1/8" Dresser Trap Rock seal coat aggregate.
The following two types of fault seals have been recognized: juxtaposition seals and fault rock seals [31].
Anthony Miley's added time winner at The Rock sealed a crucial victory for the third-place visitors, who have established a six-point gap between themselves and the team in fourth.
In fact, the reason they're found in voluminous accumulations is only because their upward passage is occasionally blocked by impermeable- rock seals.
e enjoyed wn sizzling meals The red hot volcanic rock seals in the flavours a and the results were juicy, tender and very tasty you prefer, the staff will cook your food on the rock in the kitchen.
Sam Rock sealed the win 12 minutes from time, heading in a Leon Broadhurst cross, and new signing Justin Nisbett prodded just wide as Stourbridge ended strongly.
The miners completed 59 days underground since the August 5 collapse of more than 700,000 tonnes of rock sealed off the lower third of the mine.