Rocking and Rolling

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Rocking and Rolling



  1. Bobbed like a duck —F. van Wyck Mason
  2. Bobbed like a ten-cent toy —John Updike

    Like the nickel pickle and cigar, the ten-cent toy is an endangered species, but fond remembrances are likely to have comparisons like this show up for a bit longer.

  3. Bobbing like milkweed —W. D. Snodgrass
  4. Bobbing up and down like a barometer on an April morning —Clifford Mills
  5. Bobbing up and down … like an apple in a bowl of toddy —Edgar Allan Poe
  6. [Stomach from laughing hard] bounced like a cat in a sack —Gerald Kersh
  7. Bounce … like a basketball —Raymond Chandler
  8. Bounces like an india-rubber ball —G. K. Chesterton
  9. (I was) bouncing around (in my seat) like a pellet of quicksilver in a nervous man’s palm —Dashiell Hammett
  10. (Testicles) bouncing … like peas in a colander —Richard Ford
  11. The bus rocked like a cradle —Carson McCullers

    See Also: VEHICLES

  12. Rocking back and forth like Jews praying —Irwin Shaw
  13. (Franklin stood) rocking from side to side like a man on the deck of a ship in an angry sea —Wilbur Daniel Steele
  14. Roll about … like a pea —Frank Swinnerton
  15. Rolled down the hills like marbles —Boris Pasternak
  16. Rolled like a stone in a riverbed —Muriel Rukeyser
  17. Rolled like tropic storms along —Edgar Allen Poe

    In Poe’s poem ‘rolled’ was spelled ‘roll’d.’

  18. Rolled off the bed like a rolling pin off a kitchen table —Rita Mae Brown
  19. Rolled over and over like a shot rabbit —P. G. Wodehouse
  20. [A drunk] rolling about like a ball-bearing —Mark Helprin
  21. Rolling around like a cannon ball in a high sea —Hank Searls
  22. [Baby in pregnant woman’s body] rolling around like a basketball —Lynne Sharon Schwartz
  23. (The words) roll on like bells —Alastair Reid
  24. Rolls over … like surf —Lawrence Durrell
  25. Swayed like a bird on a twig —Arnold Bennett
  26. (A tipsy fellow,) swaying like a wind-rocked palm —Beryl Markham
  27. Swaying like cobras about to strike —Robert Silverberg
  28. Sways as a wafer of light —Carl Sandburg