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 (rŏk′nē), Knute Kenneth 1888-1931.
Norwegian-born American football coach at the University of Notre Dame (1918-1931). He revolutionized the sport with the use of the forward pass and other offensive strategies requiring speed and agility.


(ˈrɒk ni)

Knute (Kenneth) (nut) 1888–1931, U.S. football coach, born in Norway.
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The award also includes city of Hope's Russel Rockne, Ph.D., Vanessa Jonsson, Ph.D., Ammar Chaudhry, M.D., as well as collaborations with University of Southern California's Peter Kuhn, Ph.D., and California Institute of Technology's Lior Pachter, Ph.D.
In 2016, ClaimVantage had a small office with five full-time employees, when Customer Support Manager, Curt Drummond decided to rescue a puppy, Rockne. Concerned that Rockne would be alone all day, Curt requested that Rockne join him in the office a few days a week, provided he was on his best behavior.
Knute Rockne and George Gipp must be spinning in their graves after viewing the hodge-podge football uniforms Notre Dame will don Saturday for their nationally televised game against Syracuse in the new Yankee Stadium.
Niese, an author and library director who lives in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, and Dorais, Gus' grandson who has researched and collected information about him, offer a biography of Charles "Gus" Dorais (1891-1954), who was quarterback of Notre Dame's "Dorais to Rockne" tandem with Knute Rockne, which revolutionized football's forward pass.
Just as Knute Rockne's four horsemen made gridiron success possible for Notre Dame in 1924, the Air Force's four horsemen of the battlefield make victory possible for our troops today.
Several lists, such as one compiled by that esteemed sports site Reader's Digest ( ture/best-football-movies), include that slice of Notre Dame propaganda, Knute Rockne All-American, which probably is better known today for a relatively small role (Ronald Reagan as George Gipp) than for its rousing story of Irish football.
Knute Rockne's Fighting Irish competed there, and Curly Lambeau's Green Bay Packers took the field 10 times.
His breakout role in "Knute Rockne, All American" put him on the map as an actor in 1940.
Did you know that the death of legendary football coach Knute Rockne hastened the development of the transcontinental airplane?
Reagan played George Gipp and rallied the troops by announcing, "Win one for the Gipper." Another line, Weisberg says, rings truer: "I don't like people to get too close to me," Gipp tells Rockne's wife.
CORVALLIS - Former Oregon State football standout Rockne Crowningburg Freitas has been selected to be inducted into the Polynesian Football Hall of Fame.
Andrew Rockne General Contractor, $3,040 in unpaid state Department of Labor and Industries penalties.