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rode 1

Past tense of ride.

rode 2

n. Nautical
A cable, chain, or rope, especially one attached to the anchor of a small boat.

[From Middle English at rode, at an anchorage, from rode, a riding; see road.]


the past tense of ride


(Nautical Terms) nautical an anchor rope or chain
[C17: of unknown origin]


(Zoology) (intr) (of the male woodcock) to perform a display flight at dusk during the breeding season
[C18: in the sense "(of birds) to fly homeward in the evening"; of uncertain origin]
ˈroding n



v. rode, rid•den, rid•ing,
n. v.i.
1. to sit on, manage, and be carried on a horse or other animal in motion.
2. to be borne along on or in a vehicle or other conveyance.
3. to move along in any way; be carried or supported: riding on his friend's success.
4. to have a specified character for riding purposes: The car rides smoothly.
5. to be conditioned; depend: Her hopes are riding on a promotion.
6. to continue without interruption or interference: to let the matter ride.
7. to turn or rest on something.
8. to appear to float in space, as a heavenly body.
9. to lie at anchor, as a ship.
10. to sit on and manage (a horse, bicycle, etc.) so as to be carried along.
11. to sit or move along on; be carried or borne along on: The ship rode the waves.
12. to ride over, along, or through (a road, region, etc.).
13. to ridicule or harass persistently.
14. to control, dominate, or tyrannize over: a man ridden by fear.
15. to cause to ride.
16. to carry (a person) on something as if on a horse: He rode the child about on his back.
17. to execute by riding: to ride a race.
18. to rest on, esp. by overlapping.
19. to keep (a vessel) at anchor or moored.
20. ride out,
a. to sustain (a gale, storm, etc.) without damage, as while at anchor.
b. to sustain or endure successfully.
21. ride up, to move up from the proper place or position: This skirt always rides up.
22. a journey or excursion on a horse, camel, etc., or on or in a vehicle.
23. a means of or arrangement for transportation by motor vehicle: My ride's here.
24. a vehicle or device, as a roller coaster, on which people ride for amusement.
25. a way, road, etc., made esp. for riding.
1. ride shotgun,
a. (formerly) to ride in a stagecoach as a shotgun-bearing guard.
b. to ride in a motor vehicle or airplane as an armed escort.
c. to ride as a passenger in the front seat of a car or truck.
2. take for a ride,
a. Slang. to abduct in order to murder.
b. to deceive; trick.
[before 900; (v.), Old English rīdan; akin to Old Irish ríad journey (compare palfrey). compare road]


Past participle: roded
Gerund: roding

I rode
you rode
he/she/it rodes
we rode
you rode
they rode
I roded
you roded
he/she/it roded
we roded
you roded
they roded
Present Continuous
I am roding
you are roding
he/she/it is roding
we are roding
you are roding
they are roding
Present Perfect
I have roded
you have roded
he/she/it has roded
we have roded
you have roded
they have roded
Past Continuous
I was roding
you were roding
he/she/it was roding
we were roding
you were roding
they were roding
Past Perfect
I had roded
you had roded
he/she/it had roded
we had roded
you had roded
they had roded
I will rode
you will rode
he/she/it will rode
we will rode
you will rode
they will rode
Future Perfect
I will have roded
you will have roded
he/she/it will have roded
we will have roded
you will have roded
they will have roded
Future Continuous
I will be roding
you will be roding
he/she/it will be roding
we will be roding
you will be roding
they will be roding
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been roding
you have been roding
he/she/it has been roding
we have been roding
you have been roding
they have been roding
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been roding
you will have been roding
he/she/it will have been roding
we will have been roding
you will have been roding
they will have been roding
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been roding
you had been roding
he/she/it had been roding
we had been roding
you had been roding
they had been roding
I would rode
you would rode
he/she/it would rode
we would rode
you would rode
they would rode
Past Conditional
I would have roded
you would have roded
he/she/it would have roded
we would have roded
you would have roded
they would have roded
References in classic literature ?
Dan bent low over the gunwale to hide a smile, twitched once or twice on the roding, and, behold, the anchor drew at once.
when shot by the suspect identified as Roding Rosales Bantugon who was later arrested by the police.
machinery including Sucker Machines, Jetting Machines, Sewer Cleaning Roding Machines,
Talking to reporter, Managing Director Water and Sanitation Agency Raja Shaukat said that dredging of Nullah Leh as well as sewerage system has been completed before the monsoon rains while heavy machinery including Sucker Machines, Jetting Machines, Sewer Cleaning Roding Machines, Dewatering sets and water boozers are in working condition and deployed at four flood centers of WASA located at Liaquat Bagh, Moti Mahal, Bagh Sardaran and Khyaban-e-Sir Syed.
The Roding Simon, the government mouthpiece in Pyongyang strongly protested, saying, "Many countries in the world hold a ceremony to celebrate their military, and so this is none of their business."
(2014) recently resurrected the teardrop giant clam Tridacna noae (Roding 1798) from synonymy with Tridacna maxima (Roding 1798) on the basis of reproductive isolation in culture, genetic distance, and mantle morphology and ornamentation.
Combined with the development know-how of Forward Engineering (previously the engineering division of Roding Automobile GmbH) in composite construction, the result is a unique potential for the realization of efficient lightweight construction solutions.
Influence of environmental factor on the reproductive cycle of the eared ark Anadara notabilis (Roding, 1798) in northeastern Venezuela.
CROWN reports it has been producing highly successful products at its European production plant in Roding, Germany, since 1986 and the recently enlarged facility manufactures hand-pallet trucks, order pickers and reach trucks and is closely involved in integrating the latest cutting-edge technologies into logistics and warehouse processes.
Many of the contributors are familiar names--senior scholars based in Germany, Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom--such as Stephan Hoppe, Emilia Jamroziak, Gerhard Jaritz, Birgitte Boggild Johannsen, Hugo Johannsen, Ruth-Elisabeth Mohrmann, Juliette Roding, and Andrew Spicer.
The reproductive activity of the pearl oyster Pinctada imbricata Roding 1798 (Pteriidae) in Gazi Bay, Kenya.