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 (rĕt′kē, -kə, rĕth′-), Theodore 1908-1963.
American poet whose short lyrical works were published in The Waking (1953) and other collections.


(Biography) Theodore. 1908–63, US poet, whose books include Words for the Wind (1957) and The Far Field (1964)


(ˈrɛt kə)
Theodore, 1908–63, U.S. poet and teacher.
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Also, he seemed to internalize the cultural debate of his time about poetic form, which led him to his early and lifelong friendship with Robert Bly and friendships with many other poets, including Anne Sexton, Theodore Roethke, Gal-way Kinnell, Gibbons Ruark, Donald Hall, and others.
Lawrence and Theodore Roethke, initially writing in the seventeenth-century mode of the English Metaphysical poets, which turned out to be alien to his budding neo-romantic sensibility.
Later in my life, I was able, in the University of Washington library, in Seattle, to find a box that was filled with Roethke and Stanley's correspondence.
Saginaw greenhouses shaped the life of Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Theodore Roethke.
First Class, a mainstage play by David Wagoner about Northwest poet Theodore Roethke, prompted a Central Heating Lab cabaret show that included music, poetry, and dance inspired by Roethke.
On the Poet and His Craft: Selected Prose of Theodore Roethke.
A funny thing about a chair: you hardly ever think it's there ", the American poet Theodore Roethke once wrote.
Throughout the volume, one encounters remarkable portraits of other artists and public figures, from Samuel Beckett and Sean 6 Riada to Robert Greacen, Edward Maguire, and Cearbhall O Dalaigh, among others, including the American poets John Berryman and Theodore Roethke.
Specific topics include: the faces of evil in King Lear, evil in disguise in the form of the convent in the Victorian Protestant novel, the problem of violence in the poetry of Theodore Roethke, social evil in the writings of Eliza Orzeszkowa and Charles Dickens, evil and intertextuality in William Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury and Cormac McCarthy's Outer Dark, reading and writing evil in J.
After two residencies at Yaddo--a "retreat for artists" in Saratoga Springs--he became drinking partners with Robert Lowell and Theodore Roethke, made the obligatory pilgrimage of any late-modernist American author to St.
Debra Roethke, interim director of instructional technology, explained, "It gives us an opportunity to talk with the parents about Internet safety, about how this computer that the student has is different from what they might have right off the shelf.
Habia una antologia llamada Fifteen modern American poets, con poemas de Robert Lowell, Theodore Roethke, John Berryman, Elizabeth Bishop, Muriel Rukeyser.