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Noun1.Roger Sessions - United States composer who promoted 20th century music (1896-1985)
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The second section of the book is thus divided by correspondent, and includes letters to and from teachers (including Boulanger and Landowska), patrons (Alexander Mackay-Smith and Elizabeth Sprague Coolidge), instrument builders (John Challis, William Dowd), conductors (Serge Koussevitzky), composers (notably Roger Sessions, Elliott Carter, Vincent Persichetti, and Henry Cowell), critics (Olin Downes), fellow scholar-performers (Kenneth Gilbert), and personal friends (Thornton Wilder).
Trenchi Bottazzi studied with famed teachers Nadia Boulanger, Yves Nat, and especially Germaine Pinault and also studied with Argentina's most famous composer, Alberto Ginastera and later with Roger Sessions and Martin Canin.
The concert explored part of the rich dimension of American music in the 1960s, showcasing pieces by Roger Sessions, David Diamond, Steve Reich and Leon Kirchner.
A bibliographic search on Sessions shows that Olmstead is the most prolific scholar on this twentieth-century composer: she has written or edited a number of publications, particularly Roger Sessions and His Music (1985), Conversations with Roger Sessions (1987) and The Correspondence of Roger Sessions (1992).
Born in Brooklyn, N.Y., he studied with composers Arnold Schoenberg, Roger Sessions and Luigi Dallapiccola and was writing chamber music and teaching piano when director Elia Kazan invited him to compose the score for "East of Eden" in 1954.
Subsequent work included composition study with Nadia Boulanger and Roger Sessions. In 1937, Finney was awarded both Guggenheim and Pulitzer fellowships.
Certainly the connection of Odds and Ends to My Complements to Roger is less obvious than the connection of My Complements to Roger to From My Diary by Roger Sessions,(3) for Babbitt's piece literally quotes from the first and last measures of the movement of the work Sessions dedicated to him.(4) And yet, as I shall show, Odds and Ends is more closely and completely derived from My Complements to Roger or My Ends Are My Beginnings, despite the lack of literal quotations between the two works and mine.
Two by Roger Sessions was given in San Francisco, Calif.
Sherman apparently specializes in music difficult on technical as well as stylistic grounds: In this instance he performed not only Liszt's "Reminiscences de Don Juan;' an impossible waterfall of nervous octaves, thirds and chromatic runs, but also the First Sonata (1930) by Roger Sessions and, most wonderfully, Book II of Debussy's Preludes.
The one exception is Roger Sessions, discussed at the end of Chapter 4.