Roger Williams

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Noun1.Roger Williams - English clergyman and colonist who was expelled from Massachusetts for criticizing PuritanismRoger Williams - English clergyman and colonist who was expelled from Massachusetts for criticizing Puritanism; he founded Providence in 1636 and obtained a royal charter for Rhode Island in 1663 (1603-1683)
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"The Governor hath his health, worshipful Sir," answered Roger Williams, now resuming his staff, and drawing near.
"Yea, truly," replied Roger Williams; "for the Governor consulted, respecting this matter, with my brethren in the ministry at Boston; and my opinion was likewise asked.
The soldiers closed in around their captain; and he and Roger Williams stood together under the banner of the Red Cross; while the women and the aged men pressed forward, and the mothers held up their children to look Endicott in the face.
A sad and quiet smile flitted across the mild visage of Roger Williams. But Endicott, in the excitement of the moment, shook his sword wrathfully at the culprit--an ominous gesture from a man like him.
"Hold thy peace, Roger Williams!" answered Endicott, imperiously.
Johnson," said he, "Grandfather's chair came into the possession of Roger Williams. He was a clergyman, who arrived at Salem, and settled there in 1631.
Grandfather went on to talk about Roger Williams, and told the children several particulars, which we have not room to repeat.
Liver specialist Prof Roger Williams spoke out as it emerged Best will have anti-alcohol pellets implanted in his stomach this week to beat his addiction.
He plans to study finance in college and has narrowed his choices to Bentley, Stonehill, Bryant, UMass-Dartmouth or Roger Williams. He is the son of Susan and Stephen Hunt of Winchendon.
Weatherford car dealer Roger Williams switched from the U.S.
At the launch of Farmwatch in Powys were Powys farmers Liz and Alfred Lewis, Roger Williams MP and Stella Owen, NFU Cymru