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n. Rohingya or Ro·hin·gyas
1. A Muslim people of southwest coastal Myanmar.
2. The Indic language of the Rohingya.

[From Rohingya Ruáaingya, ethnic self-designation; akin to Bengali Rohiṅga, ultimately from Rohāṅga, Bengali name of the late medieval and early modern kingdom of Arakan in what is now southwest coastal Myanmar; probably akin to Arakanese (Tibeto-Burman language of Arakan) rakhuing, Arakan, and Aracan, the name of Arakan that begins to appear in many European languages in the 1500s with the expansion of European maritime power.]

Ro·hin′gya adj.
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Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- The National Verification Card (NVC) scheme targeting Myanmar's Rohingya Muslims is part of a systematic campaign by Myanmar authorities to erase their identity, according to a new report by Fortify Rights published on Tuesday.
Summary: The leadership of Myanmar will be held to account for ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya
KARACHI -- Unlike nearly a million Rohingya Muslims living in shelter camps in Bangladesh, Noor Ahmed, 55, lodges in a huge house in a middle-income neighborhood of the eastern district of Karachi.
Rohingya refugee children watch Myanmarese and Chinese offcials arrive at Nayapara camp in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh.
Unlike nearly a million Rohingya Muslims living in shelter camps in Bangladesh, Noor Ahmed, 55 lodges in a huge house in a middle-income neighbourhood of the eastern district of Karachi - Pakistan's largest city and the commercial capital.
In a report [1] released early this week, the United Nations has identified that the Myanmar military has had a business empire that has helped them to evade accountability on the abuses against Rohingya Muslims.
The Southeast Asian bloc-ASEAN-which also groups Myanmar, and is dominated by Malaysia, is critical of the member-country over the Rohingya plight and now tries for their return to homes in Myanmar's Rakhine state.
Summary: Dhaka [Bangladesh], July 28 (ANI): A visiting delegation of Myanmar government officials to Cox's Bazar, the southeast coastal district in Bangladesh with the largest number of Rohingya camps, held repatriation talks with the Muslim minority on Saturday and tried to convince them to return to their homeland.
However, post-independence widespread persecution since 1948 multiplied sufferings of Rohingya community.
An independent international community should monitor the repatriation of the Rohingya back to Myanmar to ensure they are not punished, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said today.
"We cannot escape anywhere," says Mohammed Salam, who is the chairman of a local Rohingya Welfare Committee in Rakhine, Myanmar.
BRUSSELS, May 22 (KUNA) -- A group of Rohingya leaders from inside Myanmar, as well as from across the Rohingya and Burmese Muslim diaspora, Wednesday expressed full support for the UN Fact Finding Mission's call for economic and political measures against the Myanmar military and military-owned companies.