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n. Rohingya or Ro·hin·gyas
1. A Muslim people of southwest coastal Myanmar.
2. The Indic language of the Rohingya.

[From Rohingya Ruáaingya, ethnic self-designation; akin to Bengali Rohiṅga, ultimately from Rohāṅga, Bengali name of the late medieval and early modern kingdom of Arakan in what is now southwest coastal Myanmar; probably akin to Arakanese (Tibeto-Burman language of Arakan) rakhuing, Arakan, and Aracan, the name of Arakan that begins to appear in many European languages in the 1500s with the expansion of European maritime power.]

Ro·hin′gya adj.
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"Rohingya people need to be recognised as an ethnic minority in the Myanmar and should be compensated for all the violence they have been facing, it is now up to us the International community to give justice to the Rohingya people," she said.
To support QRCS' efforts to help Rohingya people, donors can call hotlines '66666364' and '66644822', or donate online through the link: ''.
Rohingya people from Myanmar since May 10, an official said Sunday, according to dpa.
5 -- The Rohingya people of Myanmar (formerly Burma) who mostly live in the western part - the Rakhine (formerly Arakan) state, bordering Bangladesh, are undoubtedly the most persecuted people on earth.
According to a report by Amnesty International, hundreds of people were detained in the areas where Muslim Rohingya people live after an emergency was declared in Rakhine in June after deadly clashes between Buddhists and Muslims.
The agreement aims to provide USD 5.378 million to help farmers in Cox's Bazar as the country is hosting Rohingya people, who entered Bangladesh from Rakhine state in Myanmar.
BRUSSELS , Nov 21 (KUNA) -- The Rohingya people in Myanmar are trapped in a vicious system of state-sponsored, institutionalized discrimination that amounts to apartheid, said Amnesty International on Tuesday in a report looking into the root causes of the current crisis in Rakhine State.
I used to believe that she deserves to be called a human rights icon, but her stand on the military crackdown on Rohingya people makes me think otherwise.
And how about its Rohingya people, who are recognized by the UN as one the most persecuted people on earth?
Visiting Singaporean Foreign Minister Dr Vivian Balakrishnan on Sunday underscored the need for speedy repatriation of Rohingya people from Bangladesh.