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253, 323), 'the markys' (E 279, 289, 342), 'this roial
Williamsburg, not only to help support "his majesty's roial
Like Arsat and his brother, Arcite and Palamon in "The Knight's Tale" are parentless, but of noble birth ("The blood roial of Cadme and Amphioun / Of Cadmus" [1546-47]), and they too are knights (or swordbearers) for Creon.
A fydd rhyw hipi barfog yn codi arwydd "Bei Roial Apointment" a'i osod yn y pot blodyn lle cafodd y chwyn brenhinol eu tyfu.
The parallel seems to have been noticed first by Drayton, who tells how his own Fairy King's exploits exceed those of "Don Quishott" and "Sancha Panchas" in a stanza ("Nimphidia" lines 273-80) that recalls this one from Sir Thopas: Men speken of romances of prys, Of Horn child and of Ypotys, Of Beves and sir Gy, Of sir Lybeux and Pleyndamour-- But sir Thopas, he bereth the flour Of roial chivalry!
His greatness is further inflated through invincible and commanding descriptions like "grym leoun," "roial, as a prince is in his halle" (3179; 3184).