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Noun1.roleplaying - acting a particular role (as in psychotherapy)
acting, performing, playacting, playing - the performance of a part or role in a drama
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As immersive as that may be for LARPers (that's live action roleplayers, for the uninitiated), nothing breaks the fourth wall quicker than asking for cutlery, or to view the vegan options.
Improved integration is required, and the NDoH, provinces, facilities and other roleplayers need to work together to improve CD data collection countrywide.
Unless every attempt is made to gather data, lobby concerned roleplayers and publicise deficiencies, the situation will not improve.
Every time we talked to the SOF forces we just pretty much got debriefed from the information that they had gotten from going out and interacting with the roleplayers, so they were a good source of intelligence," he said.
Challenges also still exist concerning: adequate funding and prioritisation; balancing and negotiating joint employees' added academic responsibility of training and research; establishing effective national and regional mental healthcare planning and monitoring processes in which psychiatrists have an active role; and ensuring appropriate national and provincial structures with effective communication between roleplayers.
The constructive engagement between the DRC, the HPCSA, the radiological community of South Africa and other roleplayers will ensure appropriate regulations with correct terminology and unambiguous interpretation that will conform to legal requirements.
A group of Emirati and expat tabletop gamers from Dubai and Abu Dhabi have created a forum and Facebook group to link tabletop roleplayers -- and they're discovering that there are far more of us than expected.
a decapitated man is found entangled in a barbed wire fence in the woods, and further investigation prompts ray and nick to suspect he was a member of a group of fanatical vampire roleplayers.
He expressed the UN's commitment to "support developmental programs in partnership with local roleplayers.
Second, we conducted in-depth interviews and follow-up interviews with key roleplayers, including 21 of the 37 ward councillors, key municipal officials, and political party, organisational and civic leaders.
Coding improves the quality of data management, ensuring consistency in disease, procedural and drug descriptions, thereby enabling health care roleplayers to communicate efficiently.