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 (rôl′fĭng, rŏl′-)
A service mark used for a technique of deep muscular manipulation and massage for the relief of bodily and emotional tension.
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(Complementary Medicine) a massage technique based on achieving the symmetrical alignment of the body
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(ˈrɔl fɪŋ, ˈrɒl-)
a type of massage therapy involving sometimes intensive manipulation of the fascia of the muscles and internal organs.
Rolf, v.t. Rolfed, Rolf•ing.
Rolf′er, n.
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Also called structural integration, this is a form of deep massage designed to correct posture, developed by Ida Rolf.
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Rolfing Bellingham, 1405 Fraser St, Bellingham, 604016966
Though manual therapies like Myofascial Release and Rolfing are probably not modifying the length of the fibrous component of the fascia, they might be affecting the flexibility of fascia, which could provide the purported beneficial effects.
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The Thompson Method of Bodywork presents techniques developed by co-author Cathy Thompson during her years as a bodywork therapist, and blends Zen shiatsu, rolfing, yoga, and psychotherapy to address the kinds of emotional blockages that often lead to chronic pain, tension, and other physical issues.
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Shifts in pelvic inclination angle and parasympathetic tone produced by Rolfing soft tissue manipulation.
One of Nicklin's students, Chris Rolfing, said he grew up taking machinery apart, seeing how it worked, and putting it back together.
Soft tissue manipulation includes modalities such as massage, myofascial release, and structural integration ("Rolfing").
Robert Schleip is supported by the European Rolfing Association.
Not until some 40 years later was he able to return to playing with both hands after undergoing experimental treatments using a regimen of rolfing and botulinum toxin injections.
According to Kyle Rolfing, president and co-founder of Bright Health, providers with the Centura system, from primary care to specialists, will work together with Bright Health in a coordinated system that uses the latest technology to provide care.