Roll train

(Rolling Mill) a set of plain or grooved rolls for rolling metal into various forms by a series of consecutive operations.

See also: Train

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The post Eating your way to the Rock 'n' Roll Train appeared first on Cyprus Mail.
The massive crowd is clearly up for a night of high voltage rock 'n' roll and from the opening rumble of Rock 'n' Roll Train to the now-obligatory cannons of For those about to Rock, a band in the world's premier league certainly deliver.
As the rock 'n' roll train picked up pace iconic guitarman Angus Young duck-walked his way down across the stage as the biggest set of speakers you have ever seen blasted their trademark driving hard rock to a sea of 100,000 awestruck punters.
The human tsunami was roaring as the opening chords of Rock 'N' Roll Train splintered eardrums.
They burst on to the stage with Rock and Roll Train, the first single from new album Black Ice.
The show is likely to kick off with Rock 'n' Roll Train from Black Ice before powering through a back catalogue that stretches across four decades.
Rock 'n' Roll Train and Big Jack are already arena anthems.
The two-hour set opens with a full-size locomotive crashing onto the stage for Rock 'n' Roll Train, a giant bell is lowered for Hell's Bells, a 40ft high blow-up doll is inflated during Whole Lotta Rosie and Angus ascends to the stage from a flaming pit for Highway To Hell.
As well as the opener Rock 'N' Roll Train, we get She Likes Rock'n'Roll, Rocking All the Way and Rock 'n' Roll Dream among the 15 straight ahead, er, rockers that finish up with the title track.
AC/DC Black Ice (Columbia) THE song titles give the game away: Rock 'n' Roll Train, She Likes Rock 'n' Roll, Rock 'n' Roll Dream, Rocking All The Way .
The album has 15 new tracks, including new single Rock 'n' Roll Train.
On any given morning, you'll find this young Gulf Gate shop full of local business folks gabbing, young mamas and papas savoring a sip while their toddlers roll trains along the tables and women in yoga gear celebrating a successful session.