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 (rô-läN′), Romain 1866-1944.
French writer whose varied works include Jean Christophe (1904-1912), a series of satirical novels. He won the 1915 Nobel Prize for literature.


(French rɔlɑ̃)
(Biography) Romain (rɔmɛ̃). 1866–1944, French novelist, dramatist, and essayist, known for his novels about a musical genius, Jean-Christophe, (1904–12): Nobel prize for literature 1915



Romain, 1866–1944, French writer: Nobel prize 1915.
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Jean-Christophe Multivolume novel by Rolland, Romain, published in French in 10 volumes in the revue Les Cahiers de la Quinzaine from 1904 to 1912.
Por otra parte, los escritores como Rolland, Romains, Martin de Gard, Duhamel, Giono, Bernanos y Mauriac, formaron su biblioteca basica, mientras que Grabam Greene, Chesterton, Belloc y Baring le entregaron las claves del catolicismo britanico.