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roller coaster



1. (in amusement parks) a narrow railway with open carriages that run swiftly over a route of sharp curves and steep inclines
2. a period characterized by many sudden or extreme changes in a short time
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Kids can explore the museum and make a roller-coaster themed craft, while supplies last (outdoors, weather permitting).
The first stage is 'Optimism,' which is like the roller-coaster starting to move forward and you are fairly positive that stock prices are going up.
Nitro Roller-Coaster: Start your day with Nito roller-coaster at Adlabs Imagica, Mumbai.
When we landed in Ohio at 5:30 a.m., Derek asked me if I have heard of Cedar Point, the so-called 'roller-coaster capital of the world.' He told me that it's the Mecca for roller-coaster enthusiasts.
The programme will train students from participating schools on the basic principles of physics that govern the operation of a roller coaster and then escalate to higher level concepts, immersing them in the intensive engineering facets of modern-day roller-coaster design.
A THEATRE group from Solihull is taking to the stage for a ''roller-coaster'' of wartime memories.
IAN FOSTER has ordered Dundalk to brush up on their defending after a "roller-coaster" win over Galway.
Zaheena Al Balushi, who had come to the Naseem Garden with a group of young girls, says, "Though we came to the festival for shopping, some friends challenged us to take the roller-coaster ride and here we are taking up the challenge.
So say students in a new roller-coaster design course at Purdue University.
His portfolio of British coasters includes three at Alton Towers resort in Staffordshire: Nemesis, Europe's first inverted coaster where riders sit in a floorless train suspended under the track, which opened in 1994; Oblivion (1998), the world's first vertical drop roller-coaster where riders plummet into a tunnel; and Air (2002), the world's first coaster that gives the impression of flight, with riders soaring birdlike up and over, down and under.
The latest attraction is the Knightmare roller-coaster.