Rolling bridge

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Completed projects from the design studio include the RIBA National award-winning East Beach Caf, in Littlehampton, Longchamp's La Maison Unique flagship store in New York, the British Pavilion, Shanghai Expo 2010 - currently in construction - and the internationally renowned Rolling Bridge in London.
In one of those heart-warmingly cosmic coincidences, the metal shell was fabricated by Littlehampton Welding, the firm responsible for building Heatherwick's Rolling Bridge at Paddington (AR December 2005), so the metal workers knew to expect the unexpected.
Their successful projects include the design and manufacture of a unique rolling bridge in Paddington and a Dutch river swing bridge in Goole, east Yorkshire.
A gantry, or rolling bridge, hovering above the table allows up to seven conservators to work, lying flat on their stomachs, just 4 inches from the flag's surface.
In the midst of the rising caseload, the state continued with the course of rolling Bridges out statewide.