Rolling fire

(Mil.) a discharge of firearms by soldiers in line, in quick succession, and in the order in which they stand.
- J. Bourne.

See also: Rolling

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Because fire seasons are longer and conditions are worse, the 10-year rolling fire suppression budget average kept rising, consuming a greater percentage of the total Forest Service budget each year.
in Englewood, Colo., described the lava as "rolling fire." The intense heat of the lava can cause combustion and fire before the lava reaches the building.
These rolling fire breathers kill anyone who doesn't pay attention every second.
settle claims for property owners--with the lava flow being classified as "rolling fire"--in some cases before the homes were inevitably consumed.
It roared with a torrent of flame engulfing everything in a tsunami of rolling fire.
On the occasion 34 newly trained commandos gave a practical demonstration of Rolling Fire, Weapon handling, Anti ambush, Repelling, Room Entry, Motor Cycle rolling, climbing River Crossing, Marshall Arts and other skills that they learnt through the course.
ASSAFIR: "Positive meeting" between prime minister and "Hizbullah": contacts never stopped Hariri: Israel major possibility for any damage that afflicts us FUTURE: Oil and refugees rights before legislation today...and UNIFIL commander confirms unanimity on easing tension in south Hariri: With calm we open dialogue doors and with tribunal we protect Lebanon AL-AKHBAR: Sessions week towards calm: Agreement on oil and absenting of tribunal AN-NAHAR: Two consensual projects about Palestinian rights and oil resources Public protests over electricity rationing a rolling fire ball DAILY STAR: Hariri persists with calls for calm as tribunal tensions simmer
Among the equipment permanently on display at the museum are two more-than-100-year-old hose reels that could be pulled either by people or horses, an approximately 6-foot tall rolling fire extinguisher that contained soda acid and water when it was used in the mill, and a water-shooting deck gun that could be attached to a fire engine or removed and anchored to the ground as needed.
It's equipped with fire detectors, automatic sprinkler systems, smoke and heat extractors and rolling fire doors.
When a New York firefighter dies, he is normally given a funeral which is a pageant of tears and tradition, kilts and bagpipes and slowly rolling fire engines carrying the coffin.