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A trademark for a desktop rotary file of removable cards, usually used for names, addresses, and contact information.
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trademark chiefly US a small file for holding names, addresses, and telephone numbers, consisting of cards attached horizontally to a rotatable central cylinder
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(ˈroʊ ləˌdɛks)
Trademark. a device for organizing addresses, telephone numbers, etc., consisting of a revolving spindle to which detachable cards are affixed.
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Noun1.Rolodex - (trademark) a desktop rotary card index with removable cards; usually used for names, addresses, and telephone numbers; "a news reporter has to have a good Rolodex"
card index, card catalog, card catalogue - an alphabetical listing of items (e.g., books in a library) with a separate card for each item
trademark - a formally registered symbol identifying the manufacturer or distributor of a product
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nRolodex® m, → Rotationskartei f
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In the next issue of BLACK ENTERPRISE--Our Small Business Issue--we reveal how to build a gold-plated Rolodex as well as create a powerful network of contacts that lead to contracts.
By the "we" (as in "not worthy") I mean those peers, many of whom had written for me when I was reviews editor, though in most instances they were connected only by the fact that their cards were uniformly worn in my Rolodex: Lieberman; David Rimanelli (now an Artforum institu tion, he was curiously absent in that first issue save for a passing quotation in "The Loser Thing"); curator Bob Nickas (of whom more later); Jan Avgikos; Lane Relyea; Dan Cameron; and the novelists Dennis Cooper and A.M.
It is the most valuable resource available for all gunsmiths and a complete Rolodex unto itself.
It is that kind of outside-the-box thinking that has placed Baiden's name in the Rolodex of technologists at NASA and the Jet Propulsion Lab, the specialists for the anticipated next stage of future Mars missions.
Personal contacts being accessed to the point where even the Rolodex looks like it needs a vacation.
MADISON, Wis.-Hoping to build on a name that has become synonymous with office supplies, Newell Office Products has designed a line of Rolodex products specifically geared for the growing minority of consumers working at home.
I've got all the right people right here in my Rolodex.
In addition to her Rolodex of editorial page dilettantes, Arianna Huffington is inviting a host of celebs to blog with her as part of her online effort, the Huffington Post.
In another, In Touch, 1998, a woman sitting inside a mud-and-grass hut intently studies a Koranic board, typically the privilege of men in rural societies; on the floor next to her are instruments of modern urba n communication: a fax machine, electronic organizer, and Rolodex.
Newell Office Products, owner of the Rolodex franchise unveiled a line of more stylish products for both home and office.
Political encyclopedias like this are as essential for me as a Rolodex. But could you, faithful REASON reader, get 50 or 60 bucks' value from one of these hefty tomes?