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Noun1.Roman Inquisition - an inquisition set up in Italy in 1542 to curb the number of Protestants; "it was the Roman Inquisition that put Galileo on trial"
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Particularly because of Galileo's persecution by the Roman Inquisition, the meaning of the geocentrism/ heliocentrism polarity has come to transcend mere technical astronomy.
Galileo was under investigation by the Roman Inquisition for promoting the heliocentric work of Copernicus.
In separate studies, the editors reveal the value of the archives of the Roman Inquisition, opened to researchers in 1998, for understanding the background to and genesis of the papal bull Cum occasione (1653), a condemnation of five propositions supposedly taken from Jansen's Augustinus.
Nevertheless, the seriousness of the accusations was corroborated in an alarming letter that the powerful Secretary of the Roman Inquisition, Cardinal Neri Corsini, sent from Rome to Archbishop Incontri in Florence in the hope of amplifying the political significance of this individual case.
Not surprisingly, Bruno's mission ended at the hands of the Roman Inquisition.
As scholar John Tedeschi points out in The Prosecution of Heresy: Collected Studies on the Inquisition in Early Modern Italy, the Roman Inquisition gave the accused a right to counsel and would even provide him an attorney, and a notarized copy of the charges would be available so that a defense could be formulated in advance.
Rituals of Prosecution: The Roman Inquisition and the Prosecution of Philo-Protestants in Sixteenth-Century Italy, by Jane K.
Rituals of prosecution; the Roman Inquisition and the prosecution of philo-Protestants in sixteenth-century Italy.
From academia Ratzinger rose to archbishop of Munich and Freising, then a cardinal appointed in 1981 by Pope John Paul II as the prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the old office of the Roman Inquisition.
Now, about 400 years after the Roman Inquisition held a hearing on heliocentrism, a different Italian court has sentenced six Italian scientists and a government official to six years in prison for manslaughter.
When Murphy turns to his brief overview of the Roman Inquisition, the focus shifts to censorship.
Witchcraft & the Papacy: An Account Drawing on the Formerly Secret Records of the Roman Inquisition.