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Noun1.Roman Jakobson - United States linguist (born in Russia) noted for his description of the universals of phonology (1896-1982)
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In order to sort out the canonisation process of Malaysian Chinese literature in Taiwan, the main theoretical framework of this paper will be drawing reference from Chang Han-liang's work, which involved the projection of Roman Jakobson's model of speech communication into Paul van Tieghem's model of transnational communication.
According to the communication diagram Roman Jakobson presented at a conference in 1958, for a message from an addresser to reach an addressee requires not only a contact (text, speech, smoke signals, etc.
The theme and the title of the book are based upon the supposed seventh function of language, which in addition to the six functions as presented by the linguistic theorist Roman Jakobson can enable those who know it to have absolute power over others, and there are definitely many who want to have such absolute power.
Onegin thus sees himself as subject to the dreadful process of becoming a petrified, rigidified semblance of his once warm and living human self, a process described as a recurrent poetic myth in Pushkin by Roman Jakobson. (11)
Em Leopardi, teorico dell'avanguardia, a luz de uma possivel "poetica sincronica" (CAMPOS, 2016: 77; CAMPOS, 1969: 186), teorizada sob a influencia de Roman Jakobson, Haroldo de Campos coaduna ao ja citado poeta outros pares (Friedrich Holderlin e Sousandrade), sublinhando pontos convergentes entre os tres.
Using Margaret Mahler's theory about our fleshly attachment stemming from birth, where we are literally attached to our mothers (Mahler, Pine, & Bergman, 1975), and Roman Jakobson's (1990) model of communication, Macke argues our main intention in communication is to establish a fleshly attachment to our fellows: "Simply, we are not nor are we ever complete unto ourselves.
In 1932, he met in Brno the Russian doctor Sonya Jakobson (nee Feldman, 1899-1982), the wife of the linguist Roman Jakobson (1896-1982), who at the time was teaching at the Masaryk University.
Chapter 9, perhaps the most robust attempt to decipher one of Poe's works in the volume, is Henri Justin's "No Kidding: 'The Gold Bug' Is True to Its Title." Justin provides a minute analysis in which he acknowledges the influence of Roman Jakobson for his reading of poetic functions, symmetry of opposites, bivalves, and emblems in Poe's distinctive story "The Gold Bug," with a special focus on its title.