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Noun1.Roman Jakobson - United States linguist (born in Russia) noted for his description of the universals of phonology (1896-1982)
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The theme and the title of the book are based upon the supposed seventh function of language, which in addition to the six functions as presented by the linguistic theorist Roman Jakobson can enable those who know it to have absolute power over others, and there are definitely many who want to have such absolute power.
Roman Jakobson has defined the form of translation I'm interested in as "intersemiotic translation"--or transmutation, "an interpretation of verbal signs by means of signs of nonverbal sign systems.
Em Leopardi, teorico dell'avanguardia, a luz de uma possivel "poetica sincronica" (CAMPOS, 2016: 77; CAMPOS, 1969: 186), teorizada sob a influencia de Roman Jakobson, Haroldo de Campos coaduna ao ja citado poeta outros pares (Friedrich Holderlin e Sousandrade), sublinhando pontos convergentes entre os tres.
Retomando aqui las ideas del linguista ruso Roman Jakobson, Laclau anota que para disolver el poder de una metafora es necesario "la reactivacion de la contingencia" restituyendo la "humilde asociacion metonimica" que edifica esa metafora.
In 1932, he met in Brno the Russian doctor Sonya Jakobson (nee Feldman, 1899-1982), the wife of the linguist Roman Jakobson (1896-1982), who at the time was teaching at the Masaryk University.
Siguiendo a Roman Jakobson, sabemos que la poesia se construye al proyectar el eje paradigmatico (semantico) sobre el eje sintagmatico (sintaxis, orden gramatical del discurso).
My discussion and exploration of the socio-cultural functions of communication and their relationship with dance and performance are based on the work of Edward Sapir, Margaret Mead, Claude Levi-Strauss, Roman Jakobson, and Umberto Eco who approached communication as a cultural phenomenon within systems of messages or signs with language as the "system of reference and linguistics the fundamental method of investigation" (Winkin 106; see also Birdwhistell; Sapir).
Peirce (13) and that of the model of communication affirmed by Roman Jakobson, (14) the advertising discourse has been, in recent years, subjected to minute examination of various types: sociological, psychoanalytical,
Bloomfield, in his review of a monograph by Roman Jakobson and Stephen Rudy, says:
The issues covered range from the Eurasian movement (of which Nikolai Trubetzkoy was the acknowledged leader), through the critique of Eurocentrism, the idea of cultural mixture and its offshoot the Sprachbund, to a discussion of the theories and methods of the Soviet linguist Nikolai Marr, contextualized and compared to the views on linguistic convergence of two of the most prominent members of the Prague Linguistic Circle, Nikolai Trubetzkoy and Roman Jakobson.