Roman architecture

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Noun1.Roman architecture - the architecture of ancient RomeRoman architecture - the architecture of ancient Rome  
classical architecture, Greco-Roman architecture - architecture influenced by the ancient Greeks or Romans
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Dubai Day is one of the annual sporting highlights at the historic racecourse which was built in 1881, a quaint sporting venue that stands as a majestic tenant of the peerless Roman architecture and the country's love for art and sport.
The oldest church in the country, the Basilica del Santo Nino in Cebu, and the centuries-old Guadalupe Church in Makati, known for its Baroque Roman architecture, were among those that served as muses for the gowns.
A triumphal arch, a classic symbol of Roman architecture, sits at the top of what once was the main compound.
Celebrating Alexandrian heritage days, "A Look at the City" reviews different cultural symbols in Alexandria such as the Greek and Roman architecture. A workshop has been organized prior to the exhibition in efforts to teach participants the art of photography using mobile phones.
If she is right, Roman sanitation paled in comparison to the grandeur of Roman architecture and urban planning, law, literature, and so much more.
The capital (top part) of the columns in the mosque s courtyard are seemingly influenced from Greek and Roman architecture.
In addition to popular vedute of the period, this emotional identification with ancient Roman architecture persists in Edward Gibbon's The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, a literary masterpiece which contemplated the decay of Roman civilization.
"We fully understand the importance of successfully delivering the project on time and budget, and of meeting the sheer quality of design, which will combine classical Roman architecture with traditional Arabic building styles.
Meanwhile, the Comedy Nights Bachao set has acquired an outlandish look lately, with Greco- Roman architecture dominating its look.
It was the first of the monumental town halls that came to characterise English Victorian cities, and the first significant work of the 19th century revival of Roman architecture.
This coastal city on the southern tip of Istria has interesting Roman architecture with a well-preserved amphitheatre.