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Noun1.Roman building - a building constructed by the ancient RomansRoman building - a building constructed by the ancient Romans
antiquity - an artifact surviving from the past
Roman basilica, basilica - a Roman building used for public administration
building, edifice - a structure that has a roof and walls and stands more or less permanently in one place; "there was a three-story building on the corner"; "it was an imposing edifice"
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Although suspected as a Roman building, the prospect was so unusual for mid-Wales that Dr Toby Driver and Dr Jeffrey Davies embarked on excavations in 2010 to date the building with the support of the Royal Commission, the Cambrian Archaeological Association and the Dyfed Archaeological Trust.
A rare catapult frame part, one of two discovered in a Roman building next to Carlisle Castle, is illustrated and explained.
Anthony said: "I found more than 100 Roman artefacts and thought, there's got to be a Roman building. About 3ft down, I found the tops of walls.
The latest finding is proof of "public official Roman building in the city" of Jerusalem in that year, she said.
The subject is the Roman building at Glan-y-Mor, Cold Knap.
Beginning with an exploration of early concrete-like material and Roman building practices, the work explores topics such as the development of Portland cement, historical concrete structures around the world, important architects and designers working in concrete, unique aspects of the concrete industry such as concrete boats and precast concrete, and the history of the modern concrete industry in Nordic countries.
The experiment involves six builders taking up the challenge to construct the first authentic Roman villa in Britain for 1,600 years, using only tools available to the Romans and a manual of Roman building written in 25BC.
An ancient Roman building uncovered by archaeologists proves that Jerusalem's City of David was not immune to Roman settlement.
When, in 1964, steel struck the remains of a Roman building, the dam plan evaporated into the realm of projects that forever would remain unfinished.
The gatehouse and ramparts were built in the 1980s as an experiment in recreating Roman building methods.
Visitors will be able to tour the excavation site, where remains of a Roman building have recently been uncovered.
After a written explanation that, strangely, blinks past far too quickly to be read, pic settles into a series of overlapping images of Roman building surfaces, viewed so closely there's no guessing their location or function.