captains chair

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cap′tain's chair`

a chair having a rounded back formed by a rail resting upon vertical spindles.
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Simulator "hyperextension"; simulator "leg press"; simulator "chest press"; simulator "butterfly"; bench adjustable; bench horizontal; simulator "roman chair"; bench for a press; exercise machine "top;" simulator "rowing"; simulator for the gluteal muscles; stand under the dumbbells; stand under the wheels; dumbbells; simulator for swimming Document Purchase Start date : 17 Jul 2019
The modern gym equipment includes a Treadmill, Cross-trainer, Rower machine, Upright bike, Roman chair and a Recumbent bike.
Simmons Jr., MD, chair of the Cedars-Sinai Department of Pediatrics and Ruth and Harry Roman Chair in Neonatology, said.
Something along the lines of: ``Get lost, you muscle-bound Kraut!'' After a pause, he suggested the Roman Chair, which sounded like something the galley slaves would be strapped to while someone, not unlike Hans, pounded out a rapid tattoo on a drum at the front.
Roman Chair. A quality Roman Chair can be purchased for about $650 or, if so inclined, you can build one for about $150.
Contract notice: Acquisition Of Cardio Machines And A Roman Chair Called