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Noun1.Roman architecture - the architecture of ancient RomeRoman architecture - the architecture of ancient Rome  
classical architecture, Greco-Roman architecture - architecture influenced by the ancient Greeks or Romans
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Notice Contract: Husk limes romanus - roman monuments in slovakia knocking on unesco doors
The committee was using the same cut-and-paste method employed by contemporary architects and designers who were imitating Roman monuments. Similarly, in the course of his Grand Tour and thanks to his acquaintance with a pan-European network of connoisseurs and antiquarians, Walpole acquired a new type of knowledge that looked to visual references as a source of information about past civilisations.
Other sites damaged by terrorist organisation the Islamic State will also be discussed during the session such as the site of Palmyra, where iconic second-century Roman monuments were destroyed in January last year.
Among specific topics are the discovery of Numa's writings: Roman sacral law and the early historians, Livy's Battle in the Forum between Roman monuments and Greek literature, and visibility matters: notes on archaic monuments and collective memory in mid-Republican Rome.
The contemporary memorial -- constructed long after the country's well-known Egyptian, Greek and Roman monuments -- has become so popular that many consider it one of Egypt's "must" destinations.
about 810 mosques; while its capital city Tirana has a number of important Ottoman and Roman monuments," he added.
This was an important experience for Garcilaso as a writer, in that this Mediterranean setting acquainted him with new texts and ideas, and with precious objects and Roman monuments, and gave him an opportunity to interact with local scholars and gain a clearer understanding of Classical culture.
Through plexiglass partitions, you can peer at high- rises stretching into the Hollywood Hills CIRCUS AT THE FORTYSEVEN HOTEL, ROME THE VIEW: As the sun sets, watch Roman monuments light up from this perch overlooking the 2,000- year- old city's terracotta roofs, cypresses, and ruins in the Roman Forum and beyond PORTRAIT RESTAURANT, LONDON THE VIEW: On the third floor of the National Portrait Gallery's Ondaatje Wing, this restaurant faces Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square.
The readiness to efface and refashion existing monuments is at odds with the confidence with which many makers of Roman monuments proclaimed their expectations of a lengthy, perhaps even eternal, afterlife.
You have a clear view of the Colosseum and many other famous Roman monuments, but the maze of ruins in the Forum will completely captivate you a you wonat want to look at anything else.